Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ferraro Was Right

While some might say that it takes one affirmative action candidate to know another, I don't see how there's any denying that Geraldine Ferraro was absolutely right when she said that Barack Hussein Obama is where he is today more or less entirely because of his race.

Let's get real for a minute here, folks. Do you really think that, if instead of Barack Hussein Obama, he was Barry Harold O'Brien he would even be a United States Senator, let alone a candidate for the Presidency?

Hell, do you think that - if he was a white Irish-American - Obama would have been the President of the Harvard Law Review? Who knows? I certainly don't. His sterling record of legal accomplishment doesn't exactly suggest that he was one of the nation's outstanding legal minds - surely a prerequisite for being the President of the Harvard Law Review most of the time, other factors notwithstanding.

It's a question worth asking, given how little Obama has actually accomplished. His career is mostly an extended list of places that he's been - it's very light on the things that he's actually done.

Indeed, read closely, Obama's entire career path seems to have been paved by his living his life surrounded by guilty white liberals who, like his supporters today, are enchanted by the idea of Obama as a refined black man. I'm free to note this on the grounds that I am not guilty, white, or liberal.

Leave aside his Red past. Leave aside the Moslem issue. Leave aside his radical liberalism. Leave aside his relative inexperience. The core question, which Ferraro was groping towards but couldn't quite ask is this: can America (and the world!) afford an affirmative action President?


Blogger salvage said...

Yeah, if there's one thing that makes life pretty sweet and easy in America it's being Black.

That's why there are so many Black governors, senators, congressmen and Presidents.

Do you ever think about any of this crap you blither?

March 13, 2008 5:49 AM  
Blogger topicsforthought said...

I think perhaps you are rather mistaken, unusually for a democrate he has stood by his principles. He voted against the Iraq war, and never supported. compare that to other democrates like hilliry clinton, voted for the iraq war and no pretends it was a mistake and blames it on bush and the conservatives. Thats pretty much what opportunistic politians do. If you cant like obama for politics at least respect him as principled man who as got to where as done via hard work. What would say for Connie rice? I am as a liberal dislike her politcs but cannot deny her achievement. neither of these two are the token blacks you seem to be suggesting that a black person in us can only achieve beacuse of affirmative action?

March 13, 2008 7:09 AM  

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