Friday, February 22, 2008

LIberals With Too Much Time on Their Hands...

Watch for something about this to pass by you in the next few days, especially if you happen to - as I do - know a number of Liberals.

Basically, Jason Cherniak claims that some "unnamed source" noticed that a picture of a "shocked woman" on a Tory website and a porn website were identical.  He then goes on to accuse the Conservatives of "stealing from porn sites."

There's only one problem - that's not what happened here at all.  The picture in question wasn't "stolen" - it's a stock photo.  I discovered this fact after roughly thirty seconds of research.  I followed the following simple procedure:

1) Search Google for "stock photos."
2) Pick the first decent-looking site.
3) Search for "shocked woman."

Presto.  Hopefully Mr. Cherniak will rapidly retract and apologize for his accusations.  I'm only barely a Tory - but spreading lies around the internet about how the Conservatives are "stealing from porn sites" is decidedly uncool.

(Hat Tip - I forgot to mention that it was commenter CMJH over at Mr. Cherniak's site who suggested that this was possible).


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