Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Khaki Election?

The odds are that we're headed to the polls this year after all.  I'm surprised.  Frankly, as I stated earlier this year, I thought that - having passed up the golden opportunity last fall - the Prime Minister was going to try and make it to the fixed election date.

But, now he says that we're going to have a confidence vote on extending the combat mission in Afghanistan, with the provisio that NATO must increase their support for our troops.  Good on both counts.  We need to remain committed to victory - but it's time for the rest of NATO to get off their asses and start to pull their own weight.  To date, this war - the war which everyone insists that they're dedicated to winning (everyone save the NDP and their seditious friends, that is) - has been fought largely by Canada, the United States, and Britain.

As I outlined last summer, I think that there's a real opportunity here for Harper to try and make a long-term breakthrough.  The Liberal stranglehold on the imagination of this country (the degree to which left-libealism is the default mode of existance) is in large measure due to the degree to which the Liberal Party has, over the last four decades, managed to conflate liberal values with Canadian ones until the point that they are, in the minds of most, one and the same.  Remaining committed to the war will allow the Tories to create an alternative narrative for themselves - in the form of a kind of aggressive Canadian nationalism.

They shouldn't be - and I suppose that the Prime Minister hasn't been - daunted by poll results which show a majority favour the Liberal position.  Remember - the left-wing vote in Canada is now split four ways.  The Tories are going to be strongest not when they are running on issues where there is broad agreement among Canadians (save, for those like crime - where the other parties disagree with the majority of Canadians) but from those where they can grasp onto a strong position held by a large minority of Canadians (in the 40% range).

Remember - because of our electoral system and party configuration, if the Tories can make themselves the party with the absolute loyalty of 38% or so of Canadians, they can make themselves into the government of all of Canada for practically forever.


Blogger PALGOLAK said...

This is one of those postings that could really, *really* have used a spell-check prior to publishing.

All you had to do was copy the post and paste it into a Word document to have your errors pointed out to you.

Is that so hard? It would certainly spare the rest of us, your regular readers, some pain...

February 7, 2008 11:00 AM  
Blogger KNW said...

Give him a break, he's been puffin' too much BC Bud. Plus he's from Vancouver and it's not like there's any actual work for him to do to keep him busy.

How 'bout you come over to THIS side of the rockies and find out what a real conservative is like, kiddo.

February 18, 2008 11:47 AM  

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